Norwegian Flatbread
October 2, 2011

by stacy
Published on: October 2, 2011
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“[Norwegian Flatbread] entails a deft rolling job, but is well worth the trouble because of the crisp, mealy flavor that is excellent with smoked fish or salt meats cut paper thin.”
-James Beard, Beard on Bread

It has been such a beautiful fall weekend that I have gotten behind in my posts.  On Friday night I made Norwegian Flatbread for dinner, served with hummus and squash (since Mike and I have vegetarian leanings, we didn’t have any smoked fish or salt meat handy).

Here are the ingredients:

Norwegian Flatbread Ingredients

It was surprising easy to find barley flour–the wide selection at my local Cub Foods grocery store never ceases to amaze me.

With only four ingredients, this is one of the simpler recipes in Beard on Bread.  I mixed the ingredients together, kneaded the dough, and rolled it out.  The dough was supposed to be “paper-thin”–I could only roll my dough out to be five-sheets-of-paper-thin.  Next, I cooked the dough on the stove on medium heat for about 10 minutes on each side.

Norwegian Flatbread

Since I didn’t want to spend the whole evening watching Norwegian Flatbread cook, I used my frying pans in addition to my griddle.

Norwegian Flatbread

Norwegian Flatbread isn’t much to look at, and because I didn’t roll my dough out thinly enough, my bread was chewy instead of crispy.  However, it paired nicely with hummus and the barley flour provides a unique, whole-grain flavor and hearty texture.

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