Bread Sticks
September 25, 2011

by stacy
Published on: September 25, 2011
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“The bread sticks made from this dough taste yeasty and have nice crunch to them.”
-James Beard, Beard on Bread

Flush with success from making it to the halfway mark of the Brooks Bakes Bread project yesterday, I wanted to bake some more bread.  I chose bread sticks since they would pair nicely with our dinner of salmon and boiled potatoes.


Breadsticks Ingredients

The plastic bags in front are filled with poppy seeds and sesame seeds to sprinkle on the bread sticks.

Although very hands-on, this is a simple recipe: mix the ingredients together, knead the dough, and shape it into bread sticks.  Of course, I had a difficult time 1) dividing the dough into equal sections and 2) rolling the dough into decent-looking bread sticks.  As you can see, my bread sticks varied widely in length.

Breadsticks Before Baking

After a brief rising time of 20 minutes, the bread sticks were ready for the oven.  I used two oven racks, rotating the baking sheets halfway though the 30 minute baking time to ensure that the bottom bread sticks didn’t get over-baked.


Despite their non-uniform appearance, the bread sticks were delicious: slightly chewy, with the perfect amount of salt and wonderful crunch from the sesame seeds.  Beard claims that they keep well for several days, but I doubt that we will be able to verify that–all the bread sticks will be gone well before then.


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